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Ajou University in Tashkent is 4 years old

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Ajou University in Tashkent is 4 years old

Ajou University in Tashkent is 4 years old

Ajou University, whose educational system meets world standards, combines practice and theory, adopted Korean educational methods, and has a team of international and Korean professors, has turned 4 years old.

Ajou University in Tashkent was established by the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan and began its educational activities in 2020.

Our first students received on February 1, 2021 are ready to graduate. Currently, more than 1500 students are studying at our university in 6 faculties.

Today, the faculty consists of 68 people, including 32 Korean and 5 foreign professors. In addition, 6 doctors of science, 17 PhDs, 14 senior teachers are teaching at the university.

In this short period of time, several opportunities have been created for students. These include studying in Korea, improving skills, participating in international competitions, and providing financial benefits to students who have received excellent grades throughout the year.

In addition to having a globally recognized diploma, a student who has graduated from the university is also fluent in English and Korean.

Today, we can confidently say that Ajou University in Tashkent has a special place among the higher education institutions of our country. The team of our university never gets tired of imparting innovative knowledge and skills to young people. Modern auditoriums, laboratories, and specially equipped rooms create the ground for deeper study of this knowledge.

Dear team of our university, students and parents who have entrusted their child's future with us!

We congratulate you all on the 4th anniversary of our university! Good luck and success!