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The Uzbek people have always been a fan of delicious food. It is one of the ancient traditions of the guests to prepare a beautiful table and serve national dishes. In keeping with national traditions, a modern kitchen for 300 people has been built at our university and provided with the necessary equipment and facilities.

The University kitchen is a family home for students where you can appreciate the unique taste of our kitchen. Our kitchen opened its doors to students in February this year. In this short period of time, it has won the hearts of many customers.

First of all, the elegant design of the kitchen attracts the attention of guests. The interior, which awakes the sense of nationalism, as well as photos of Korea's most  famous dishes, also gives a special mood.

The variety of the list on the menu is also one of the distinguishing features of the University cuisine. Here you can enjoy national and world cuisine, as well as salads, any type of drink and dessert.

Here all skilled, passionate chefs, staff work. It is also clear that the prices of the dishes in this kitchen will please the students with their affordability.