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My first day at the University

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My first day at the University

             My first day at the University

          The first day of my being at the university was one of the happiest days in my life. This is because from that day began my independent life . Due to the fact that I am the junior child in my family, I did not face any life difficulties, so I was worried about my future a lot. I thought that I would have problems with accomodation in Tashkent, but fortunately I realized that there are myrelatives who can help me.

     On the first day of my student life I got up very early, I nearly did not sleep at the previous night.  When I came to the campus of the university, there were a lot of people and almost all of them seemed to be in a good mood.


     All the students had incomprehensible feeling in their eyes. It was evident that they overcame all the difficulties and entered their wished study place and were satisfied with themselves.

     I liked the campus of my university at the firs sight and was proud of myself inside. That day I became acquainted with my groupmates, more exactly with my second family.

They are very clever and kind.

     We came to know professor Shin. My first impression about him: smart, kind, cheerful and simple person.


    We study 7 major subjects, but we do not have a certain classroom, every lesson we change our auditory. The stidy process lasts only in English language. My favorite subject is Korean language, because it is very interesting for me and the teacher explains the subject very clearly. All the teachers are the professionals of their subjects. I am sure that just here I will achieve all my goals.


                                                                                                                                Place: Ajou University in Tashkent

                                                                                                                                Student: Kuatbaev Aydos

                                                                                                                                Group: C-106

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